Egg on toast

Egg on Toast

Egg on toast

One of the best nutritive foods for babies is eggs. This is because the egg has a balanced food that contains fat, protein and also a lot of calories. This gives a lot of energy to the growing child. One of the best recipes that the baby will love is the egg on toast. There are various other recipes for making eggs, but the one that your baby will love is the egg on toast. This egg recipe is easy to prepare and healthy too.

The bread that the baby consumes is also healthy and the bread can be bought from the shop or you can use your recipe to make bread in the bread machine. The bread and the egg will make your child grow into a strong and energetic kid. This should form part of the diet of every baby to be healthy.


  • 1 large egg
  • 1 large slice of bread
  • 1 piece of butter

He egg on toast is a very simple recipe that can be done by any person. It does not take any time too. The butter is melted and heated on a frying pan. This forms the base for the egg toast. The bread is kept in the middle of the frying pan and it is left to toast. As the bread is getting toasted on one side, the egg is broken and poured on the bread. Take care to break the yolk and spread it on the bread.

After the bread is toasted on one side, the bread is turned and the other side, where the egg is spread is also toasted. The egg on toast is ready for your baby to enjoy.


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